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The Viking age began in Ribe

New study changes our understanding of how and where the Viking age began. The story of the Vikings begins in the year 793 AD, after Norwegian Vikings landed in England on the first official Viking raid. To this day, these…

”Ribe is the place urbanisation started in Scandinavia”

If you thought Ribe was the oldest town in Denmark, you’re still right, but now a new study from Aarhus University shows the town may be almost 100 years older than originally thought. Read the full article here: http://cphpost.dk/news/oldest-danish-town-possibly-older.12031.html

There’s a Danish Town Overrun with Giant Oysters

Ribe, the small Danish town on the Jutland peninsula, is like a picturesque manifestation of all the European towns you see in films like In Bruges, Chocolat and Hot Fuzz. But for all its pretty cobbled streets and chocolate box houses, Ribe is rife with…

Making waves from Ribe

Dear fellow travellers Ribe is a town we know well. This community in Danish Jutland has a distinct small-town feel that is very welcoming. So time after time, on our journeys across Europe, we plot itineraries that give us the…

Another beautiful magazine from Ribe

Visit Ribe have just lunched their 2014 magazine with lots for inspiration for a visit in Ribe. Find it here: http://issuu.com/susanneprussesorensen/docs/ribe_magasin_2014_issuu