The will of Tor?

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Nice weather for Ribe all week

It almost seems like the weather god of the Vikings Tor has swung his hammer over the long winter weather and missing spring in Denmark.

According to the weather forecast from DMI, spring will hit Denmark next week. The sun will be shining and temperatures will raise – it seems that the International Viking Market will get the best weather conditions.

In this part of Denmark the western wind can be very hard – but also here the Vikings seems to be in luck. DMI are predicting very slow wind speed the next week.

Next weekend where the activities are culminating we are promised around 20 degrees and high sun. Very nice weather for an outdoor viking fight.

The citizens of Ribe are looking forward to welcome Vikings from around the world and hope you all will enjoy your stand and it seems that you will experience our city when the conditions are best!

If you have some nice pictures from you stay in Ribe please feel free to share with the readers of Photos can be mailed to: