1,000 years of Viking adventure, Denmark

It’s 1,000 years since England got its first Danish Viking king – the snazzily named Swein Forkbeard. And to mark the millennium, the all-conquering Danes are having a bit of a knees-up.

Mr Forkbeard is better known to history as the father of Canute, King of England from 1016 and the chap who in legend commanded the tide to turn away from him after setting up his throne on the seashore. But Forkbeard was just one in a long line of Vikings who raided the shores of England and other European lands over the centuries.

Historians say they were not quite the brutal rapists and pillagers they’ve often been made out to be – but you probably wouldn’t have wanted to get in the way of them.

Denmark’s marking of this 1,000-year anniversary includes exhibitions and events across the country, recreating Viking life and culture.

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Picture from the International Viking Market in Ribe 2013, at Ribe VikingCenter