Geocaching: Kammerslusen


Kammerslusen is a beatiful place. But can be hard to find if you are not local!

Do you know the feeling; You have seen the great pictures back home on the internet and you have  seen the great postcards, but you can’t find the spot or place, where it has been taken?

Living in Ribe I would assume that every visitor of Ribe can find the great Cathedral placed in the center.

But Kammerslusen – that’s harder! Even pronouncing the name for asking direction!

Well with the modern technology there is an easier way.

Geocaching was originally a game for gps freaks. Instead of the usual Sonday right for normal places to go you could go Geocaching. Geocaching is a sort of virtual place you can visit. Gps coordinates which will lead you to places you have never been before.

So what you do is that you go to and create a profile or login with your Facebook profile.

Kammerslusen has a short number in Geocaching called GC1ZXNQ. When it’s located you transfer the coordinates to your gps in the car or you transfer to your phone.

All you have to do now is to follow the directions and you will be lead to Kammerslusen.

The user who has logged Kammerslusen in Geocaching have rated the difficulty to 1,5 stars of 5 and the terrain to 1 star of 5. I agree. There is normal road all the way. And it’s one of the locals most use bicycle routes. If you go by bicycle be aware of the wind. The western wind in these parts of Denmark can be a very hard opponent.

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Geocaching will tell you how and where to go