Day Trip from Ribe: Funky Monkey Park in Kolding

It’s very thrilling to see your family overcome the fear of heights and climb the 20 meter high treetops in a very beautiful area of Kolding.

My daughter at 8 looked like a small monkey, when she was climbing around and my 12 years old son like Tarzan when he was screaming down the 150 m. long zip wire.

You need to be in ok shape. Alone the walk form the parking area to the park is challenge itself.

Wearing sports outfit it a good idea.

Safety is probably the first though running through your mind. The safety lines are “intelligent” – you can’t have both lines open at the same time. Or in other words you are at all times connected with the safety lines in the treetops. And it’s impossible to unlock the last one.

The instructors are very skilled and helpful and can be at the rescues at all times, if the fear overcomes you.

I can’t recommend this place enough – for all ages. One day of your vacation, where you use your body, breaks down personal limits – together with your family and are having a great time.

Warning: The hours are running fast. If you want your vacation time to be running slow – don’t go 😉

Kolding is a 45 min. drive from Ribe

Visit the homepage of Funky Monkey Park here: