Smileys in Denmark


You will see the ELITE Smiley a lot in Ribe

Smileys keep food safety high in Denmark

The smiley-scheme is highly popular among Danish consumers and the food enterprises. Smileys have proved effective in raising food safety

The Danes have seen smileys on inspection reports, in all their retail food enterprises since 2001.
The four different smileys signal how well the enterprise does comply with food regulations

In 2008 the elite-smiley was introduced. Enterprises with the best inspection records are now using this in their marketing.

Shops and restaurants responsible

In Denmark the shops and restaurants are responsible for complying with the food regulations. At unannounced inspections, the public food inspectors check, how well the enterprises are at this. All shops, restaurants and other enterprises selling foods and beverages to the public are inspected on a regular basis – typically one to three times a year. How often, is decided on a risk evaluation of all lines of food enterprises. Smiley-reports are to be posted in all supermarkets, groceries, bakeries, butchers, greengrocers, kiosks, restaurants, pizzerias, canteens, hospital kitchens and elderly homes.
Even the hot-dog stands in the streets must display them.

What do the smileys symbolize?

There are four different smileys. They symbolise that the inspector either:

😀 had no remarks,

🙂 has emphasised that certain rules must be obeyed,

:-/ issued an injunction order or a prohibition,

🙁 issued an administrative fine, reported the enterprise to the police or withdrew an approval.

Enterprises with hazardous health conditions are closed down until problems are fixed.

Elite-smiley The elite-smiley is awarded to enterprises with the best inspection history.

When walking around in Ribe don’t be surprised if you see the Elite-smiley a lot. Shops and restaurants in Ribe are very good at taking care of the food and are rewarded for it.

So when entering a café or restaurant I Ribe you will see the ELITE smiley smiling at you a lot in the front door or window. Please focus on enjoying the great food you will find in Ribe and don’t worry about stomach problems tomorrow.