New drama facilitator at Ribe Viking Centre

Marie 1

Private Photo of Marie Markvard Andersen

Dear all!

I am very proud to accept the new position as drama facilitator at Ribe Viking Centre. In that regard I have promised to write a few words about myself.

My name is Marie, I am cand.mag. in dramaturgy from Aarhus University and have throughout my life worked with theater, music and communication. As a child, I spent every summer with hundreds of theaterloving people on Frøbjerg Festspils big outdoor stage, and two things have never left me since; the joy of expressing myself creatively with my body, mind and voice, and the great pleasure of sharing that joy with others.

I wrote my first musical when I was 17 years old and staged it with a bunch of young people in Odense, and have since been involved in various theater projects. I have written numerous plays, directed some of them, and have worked with people of all ages and at all levels. I have taught drama as a teacher many different places, from the creative school in Silkeborg to the national acting school in Aarhus and at Sankt Annæ Highschool in Copenhagen.

Concurrently, my interest in communication and presentation has grown, partly because you learn so much about people and communication through theater work. I have given lectures and courses on body language and communication among others at HK, Odense Social Pedagogical Teachers college and University of Roskilde. Over the last few years I have also been affiliated with Dacapo, a consulting firm in Odense, who specializes in working with change and communication in Danish workplaces by involving theater and music in their processes.

I am looking forward to start my work at Ribe Viking Center, where I in cooperation with the staff and volunteers will aspire to develop a new type of audience participatory activities based in drama tools. The heart of the initiative lies in the wish to dramatize, and thus vivify, viking belief, thought and living. I am looking forward to meeting all employees and volunteers, and I hope to both inspire and be inspired, learn and teach, and getting to know you all.

Best regards

Marie Markvard Andersen,